3 Baltimore Ravens at their hottest at the right time

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The Baltimore Ravens cruised into the AFC Championship, and there is not a team hotter in the NFL right now. Coming out of the bye week, you never know if the team will have rust or if they will be ready to hit the challenge as it comes. For the Ravens, they have remained hot. Which players on the Ravens are at their hottest heading into the most crucial games of the year?

3. The best player on the Baltimore Ravens is playing his best

It helps when the best player on your team is playing his best when the games matter the most. That is what is currently happening for the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson. Jackson has been playing great all season, but the MVP performances have really come in over the past three weeks. 

The Ravens beat the Dolphins, 49ers, and Texans in his last three starts, and he has nine touchdowns with zero interceptions over that span. On the ground, he has 24 rushes for 180 yards over the last three weeks. With both the ground and through the air, this is the best that we have seen from Lamar Jackson. 

Now, we get to see what he is really made of. Patrick Mahomes, the best quarterback in the NFL, will be on the other side, while the Chiefs have a stout defense as well. The Baltimore Ravens will need Lamar Jackson at his best, and if he is playing like the last three weeks, they are going to get it.