Baltimore Ravens tight end depth chart: Post 2023 NFL Draft

Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Unio / USA

Now that the 2023 NFL Draft is over we will be looking at the Baltimore Ravens 90-man roster to see what areas of need are going to come up over the course of the offseason, and what training camp battles will come about.

Today, we will be looking at the Ravens tight end room

Baltimore Ravens Tight End Depth Chart

1. Mark Andrews

The question around Mark Andrews is what his production will look like with such a different wide receiver corps. When you consider the injuries from Rashod Bateman, and the obvious additions of Odell Beckham and Zay Flowers, the Ravens essentially have three big mouths to feed in the passing game. On one hand, all eyes are no longer on Andrews, and that is nice.

On the flip side, Andrews will not be getting peppered with targets from Lamar Jackson like he was in the past.

2. Isaiah Likely

Isaiah Likely started to show life this past season, and his emergence is another reason to wonder if Mark Andrews is going to see a drop in his production. Likely is a pass catcher more than a blocker, but showed a few signs of life as a blocker.

3. Charlie Kolar

Charlie Kolar was injured most of last season, but now he is in year two and the team has eyes on him locking In a roster spot as the third tight end. He will probably have to be the blocking tight end when you look at the skill set that Likely and Andrews have.

4. Travis Vokolek

Travis Vokolek is an interesting tight end. He has the size and power to profile as a blocking tight end, but he still was a UDFA for a reason. He is slow and lumbering, and he still has techniques to work on as a blocker. Still, this at least puts him on the edge of the roster and gives him a chance to compete in training camp. Even with Kolar, they could use the added big body as a fourth tight end.

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5. Brian Walker

Brian Walker would be more in the mold of Isiah Likely and insurance for him if anything happened. This pushes him down, and it appears a practice squad shot would be a win for his rookie season.