Ravens to try something never done before for a London game. Will it work?

Tower London in England
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It's time to move on after Sunday's screwup, and that's precisely what the Flock did early on Monday by boarding a plane on their way to Europe.

That's right, the Baltimore Ravens (3-2) have already flown to London where they will face the Tennessee Titans (2-3) in Week 6 next Sunday. That is, also, something that no other franchise in the NFL has done before.

The Ravens have already played one overseas game, also in London, back in 2017. Baltimore faced the Jacksonville Jaguars, or so we were told, as they went on to drop that game by a massive 44-7 result.

That was, and still is, the second-largest defeat (37-point loss) suffered by the Ravens since international games have been played. Sheesh.

Alas, the change in the Ravens' plan for their London Week.

Instead of flying on a Thursday, as they did in 2017 (arriving on Friday already) and as all NFL teams have done to date, they decided to fly on Monday to spend the full week in London acclimating to the place and the new time zone.

It's worth noting that Sunday's kick-off is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. ET, so that's a sizable change compared to the usual times of games played on American soil.

And the only reason for the change, according to head coach John Harbaugh, is precisely that, changing.

"It's mostly driven by the fact we didn't do well (in 2017)," Head Coach John Harbaugh said. "We did the opposite. There's no data."

The Ravens have a fly-day on Monday (the flight is seven hours long), then a day off on Tuesday, and they will follow the usual practice schedule on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday ahead of Sunday's matchup against the Titans.

"Hopefully by the time the game comes around, you've slept there six nights," Harbaugh said. "I'd like to think you'd be pretty well ready to go."

With a soul-crushing defeat as the one against Pittsburgh on Sunday, it might be better to spend the week away from the media home, training mostly away from the focuses, and building some chemistry between players and coaches.

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If you ask me, the Ravens did the right thing. Will it really work? Ask Harbs himself said, there is no data telling for now.

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