3 teams Baltimore Ravens should trade back with in 2023 NFL draft

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New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens
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1. The New York Giants would be a nice trade down for the Baltimore Ravens

One of the better options for the Ravens may be a simple trade down from 22 to 25. This makes sense because it helps the Ravens pick something up, but could still get them the player they may have wanted at 22 after all.

The reason this trade may go down is the Minnesota Vikings. We know the Vikings have two thoughts right now, quarterback and wide receiver. With Kirk Cousins, they could move on after this season, and they just moved on from Adam Thielen and need another name to step in.

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For the Giants, they need receivers bad, and while they just extended Daniel Jones, they also have been interested in Hendon Hooker. They brought in Hooker, and the reality with Hooker is he will sit for a year. Do the Giants draft Hooker, give Jones a year, and then decide what to do after that? If they want this to happen they need to jump Minnesota.

If they want to jump Minnesota they need to get to to 22. The Ravens may love to see Hendon Hooker at pick 22, not because they will take him, but because others will trade up for them.