4 Baltimore Ravens who may get traded before the 2023 regular season

-A former draft pick that is falling out favor

-A potential surprise at backup quarterback

-A trade that can get a solid return

-A trade that could open up multiple depth chart spots

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3. Is Tyler Huntley on the trading block?

The Baltimore Ravens starting Josh Johnson over Tyler Huntley in the preseason opener was a bit curious. It would be one thing if Huntley did not play because his job was secured, but he played deep into the second half, almost like he was earning his job.

The Ravens can save about $2M when you factor in displacement by keeping Johnson and trading Huntley. The combination of not only shedding a few million but also gaining a pick would be huge for the Baltimore Ravens, based on where they stand.

They are up against the salary cap, and the team that relies on draft picks was thin last year after some aggressive trades and a lack of compensatory picks. The Ravens need to refill the pipeline with rookie salaries and players who can get on the field with those salaries. Anything that they can get for Huntley could help.

It may hurt them that Huntley is injured, or it could help. The Ravens could see Johnson being worthy of the backup role, confirming their confidence to make the move. Of course, it could also end with them saying that they need to keep Huntley, so this will be worth watching.