4 Baltimore Ravens who may get traded before the 2023 regular season

-A former draft pick that is falling out favor

-A potential surprise at backup quarterback

-A trade that can get a solid return

-A trade that could open up multiple depth chart spots

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Malik Harrison, Baltimore ravens
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1. Is it time for the Baltimore Ravens to move Malik Harrison

Malik Harrison is in the last year of his rookie deal. He will be a free agent after this year, and you have to think that he is ready to play for a different team and get a new chance. So, could the Ravens trade Harrison?

They do have a lot of depth at linebacker. Del'Shawn Phillips has flashed all preseason and has done everything you can ask to be considered a lock for the roster. Trenton Simpson is coming back from injury, but the third-round pick needs playing time.

Beyond those two are Josh Ross and Kristian Welch. Both would be easy-cut candidates, but the Ravens would not mind keeping either on the back end of the roster because of their special teams work. So, there is a way for them to move on. The only reason to keep him is that he is more of a downhill attacker than either Simpson or Phillips, and he can play the SAM role as a backup to Tyus Bowser if needed.

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Still, those values will also be what gets him a potential pick in return via trade. If a team is willing to take that chance on Harrison, and they are worried that he will walk and get them little in compensatory value in return, they may pull the trigger now.

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