Baltimore Ravens: 3 trades to go all-in and acquire Stefon Diggs

Baltimore Ravens, Stefon Diggs
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Trade Number 2: The Ravens deal player-for-player in a trade for Stefon Diggs

This second deal is also relatively simple. Baltimore obviously did not pick up Patrick Queen's fifth-year option, while also drafting his potential replacement in Clemson linebacker Trenton Simpson. Buffalo, meanwhile, is looking for answers in finding a replacement for Tremaine Edmunds. They drafted Dorian Williams and have a couple of other guys who could battle for that spot, but someone like Queen would be an intriguing option.

How about a single player-for-player type of swap, here?

Diggs trade 2

Now, if a deal like this were to happen, one thing is for sure: Buffalo would back track as much as possible on the DeAndre Hopkins front. I am no general manager and far from a salary cap expert, but I also understand that teams have proven over and over again that the salary cap can, indeed, be a myth.

If the Bills traded Diggs and didn't get a receiver in return, they would absolutely have to go get Hopkins by any means possible. If they were successful in landing Hopkins, then this team could be right back in the thick of a Super Bowl contender. A healthy Hopkins is still a number one receiver, and Patrick Queen is versatile enough to be able to step right into the spot previously held by Tremaine Edmunds.

It is also worth noting that Buffalo would have to somehow be prepared to extend Queen, which might be difficult based on their current cap situation.