Baltimore Ravens: 3 trades to go all-in and acquire Stefon Diggs

Baltimore Ravens, Stefon Diggs
Baltimore Ravens, Stefon Diggs / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Trade Number 3: The Ravens truly go all-in on acquiring Stefon Diggs

If neither one of those first two deals were enough for Buffalo to budge (and I wouldn't blame them, considering the dead cap situation they'd be in) then Baltimore could pull out all the stops with a deal like this.

Diggs trade 3

In this trade, the Bills would get Bateman, Queen and a first-round pick next year. With Bateman, the Bills get two more years of a wide receiver on his rookie deal to see if he can pan out as a legitimate WR1. They'd have financial flexibility with him, especially once Diggs' dead cap situation was resolved.

In Queen, though, the Bills would again have to ensure they're prepared to extend him. Unless, of course, the Bills won a Super Bowl and could afford to let him go and use that money elsewhere.

The biggest part of this deal happens to be the fact that both teams would essentially be doing everything they could to win, while Buffalo is also making Diggs happy -- assuming that's what the veteran wants in th end.