3 trades to make Ravens championship contenders in 2023

The Ravens look to be much-improved this season, but could they still make another move?

Ravens, Chase Young
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Trade 2: Acquire DL Javon Kinlaw from San Francisco

At the moment, the Ravens could use one more defensive lineman to add for depth. However, they could be getting a whole lot more than that if they could somehow land 49ers defensive lineman Javon Kinlaw.

The 49ers declined Kinlaw's fifth-year option, making this his final season under contract. So, he could end up being just a one-year rental, which is why Kinlaw might come cheaper than expected. The biggest reason why he saw that option declined? Health.

Kinlaw trade

The 2020 first-round pick has only played in 24 games over his first three seasons in the league due to injuries. He has hardly had any time to get his feet wet or develop as a pro. But, he is still just 25 years old and could have plenty of career ahead of him. We don't know that just yet, but Baltimore would be a great place to get another shot.

Kinlaw would come to a defense that's historically nasty. Not that San Francisco isn't, but getting a fresh start and away from the place where you've experienced so many setbacks could be a good thing, and an atmosphere like this Ravens locker room would be a huge boost in helping revitalize a young player like Kinlaw.