3 trades to make Ravens championship contenders in 2023

The Ravens look to be much-improved this season, but could they still make another move?
Ravens, Chase Young
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Trade 3: Acquire DE Chase Young from Washingon

Here's the big one. The Commanders did not pick up Chase Young's fifth-year option, therefore many still believe he could be dealt for the right price. But, that's the tough question. What is the right price for a guy who is so talented, yet has dealt with some serious injury?

As previously stated, the Ravens could use another defensive lineman, and one like Young would catapult this defense into a different universe. The Ravens already looked like the best defense in football to close the 2022 season, but adding Young would almost be unfair. That, of course, is assuming health is on his side.

Young trade

Speaking of health, had Young not dealt with injury like he has, then he'd undoubtedly go for at least a first rounder. However, he's only played in 12 games over the last two seasons and that, for one, is alarming. It will also diminish his trade value.

Young is so freakishly talented, yet has not been able to prove much of anything thus far in three seasons, like the aforementioned Kinlaw. However, if he is healthy and added to this Baltimore defense, the sky is the limit. Young, when healthy, is still viewed as a top pass rusher in this league. Where exactly would he rank? That's tough.

The potential is certainly there for Young to be a top-5 pass rusher, but he's got to stay healthy. Would Baltimore consider such a bold move?

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