Baltimore Ravens: Two options for linebacker Patrick Queen's future

Patrick Queen
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Baltimore Ravens, Patrick Queen
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The Baltimore Ravens could keep Patrick Queen around

Even though DeCosta might receive some enticing offers, I still think the most likely option for the Ravens is to keep him around for this season and let him field offers in the offseason. The Ravens could absolutely use his production when working with Roquan Smith.

After expressing his disdain for the Ravens' third-round selection with the tweet above, some see a trade request as the next step. DeCosta has honored trade requests in the past like with Marquise Brown, I don't see him honoring this one if he does not plan on trading Queen.

I see this playing out more like the Chuck Clark situation a couple of years ago. After the signing of Marcus Williams and the drafting of Kyle Hamilton, Clark wanted out. Instead of trading him, the Ravens had him play the season out and traded him the following offseason.

As with Kyle Hamilton, the Ravens will likely want to see how Trenton Simpson performs before completely closing the door on Patrick Queen. Even though it is unlikely, negotiations could still be had between the Ravens and Queen if he wants to return on a deal lower than his option.

I say it's unlikely because there will always be teams that will throw money at players coming off their rookie deals with the talent of Queen. There are too many examples to name them all, but one I think of is C.J. Mosley signing with the New York Jets after the Ravens could not compete with the open market offers.

The draft is over and free agency has lost steam, but Patrick Queen makes the Ravens' already eventful offseason have the potential for even more absurdity.