5 Baltimore Ravens on the verge of losing their roster spot this preseason

There were some players on the Baltimore Ravens who are seeing their chances of making the roster slip away
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Kyu Blu Kelly, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Will the Baltimore Ravens keep Kyu Blu Kelly?

One of the most notable snap counts from Saturday was Kyu Blu Kelly. The rookie fifth-round pick saw everyone in the cornerback room injured, and he still hardly got to see the field. That is a strong indictment of where the team thinks he is.

The Ravens could have easily started him, but they played journeyman Kevon Seymour, and safety turned cornerback back to safety and now back to cornerback Brandon Stephens over Kelly. What does that say about Kelly and his development?

Worse than that, he played 17 snaps. The Ravens played Jordan Swann and Jeremy Lucien more. Sure, Swann played slot, and Lucien played some safety, but both are rookie UDFAs. If the Ravens wanted to get a view at Kelly, they could get Seymour off the field any time. He played 63 snaps.

The Ravens clearly are sending a message to Kelly that his snaps are not given, even in the preseason. The facts are that if Kelly cannot beat out Seymour for playing time, he will not make the roster. Can he do that?