5 Baltimore Ravens on the verge of losing their roster spot this preseason

There were some players on the Baltimore Ravens who are seeing their chances of making the roster slip away

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Jeremiah Moon, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Jeremiah Moon is trending back down the Baltimore Ravens roster

When the Baltimore Ravens released their initial depth chart we had to at least stop to talk about Jeremiah Moon. Moon was a UDFA last year and spent the year on the practice sqaud. The main reason why he was expected to be closer to the roster was because he could play the SAM role in the defense., which Tyus Bowser occupies.

It is a specific skill set, so he was listed as the backup, not David Ojabo or Tavius Robinson. Still, while this was a good sign for Moon, mainly because of the injury to Bowser, it did not to play out that way on the field. Moon was outplayed by rookie UDFA Malik Hamm in essentially every aspect.

Hamm was better against the run and pass, and he dropped into coverage, showing that he can fill the SAM role that may be asked of someone. So, if the Ravens do see Bowser missing games early into the season, will they elect to roll with Hamm over Moon? After one week, it would look like a sensible decision. The odds may be that Bowser comes back, and both end up on the practice squad, but until that happens, there is a debate between the two to make the roster.

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As of this week, Hamm may have jumped over Moon.

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