6 Baltimore Ravens on the verge of losing their roster spot

Two former draft picks at cornerback and two well known names top the list of players who may surprise fans when they get released next week

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Baltimore Ravens, Melvin Gordon
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5. Is Melvin Gordon outside the Baltimore Ravens roster?

When you see the name of Melvin Gordon getting released, it takes you a bit back and surprises you. Then, you remember that just last year, he was on the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad and did not get picked up anywhere. So, it is becoming clear that Gordon can get released and wind up right back on the practice squad, potentially winning his second Super Bowl in that role.

When you look at the Baltimore Ravens roster, J.K. Dobbins is healthy and ready for week one. The Ravens sat Gus Edwards in week two of the preseason to make sure he was ready. Justice Hill has been the star of the preseason and is a lock. When you add in Patrick Ricard, the team will probably keep just one more back.

Do they go with Gordon or Keaton Mitchell? As we noted, Gordon does not even have to clear waivers due to his veteran status and is a near lock to circle back to the PS. Meanwhile, Mitchell would be offered for any team to claim if he is cut, and his chances of sticking around are a bit lower than Gordon's.

If the team keeps a fourth running back, it will be Mitchell. They may not even keep the fourth back, so this speaks to how far off the roster Gordon is.