Top 3 Baltimore Ravens to watch against Cincinnati Bengals in Week #2

The Ravens have to rely on a lot of depth names to step up if they want to beat the Bengals
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The Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans, but plenty of questions linger as the team heads into week two. There is no time to lick their wounds as the Cincinnati Bengals host the Ravens with major division implications on the line. Who are the Ravens players that must be watched this week?

3. Can the Baltimore Ravens cornerbacks survive Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase?

With a few days to go until the start of the game, we have no idea who is going to start at cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens. We have a good feeling that it will not be Marlon Humphrey, but even then, we are unsure. If Humphrey is out, it will be some combination of Ronald Darby, Rock Ya-SIn, and Brandon Stephens. In week one, Ya-Sin did not play until the last nine snaps of the game, but that is because the Ravens are easing him back from injury.

So, he should be looking at more work this week. How much, and who sits are the questions. Darby was their best cornerback last week, but he has durability issues and is coming off of a serious injury. He sat for Ya-Sin last week, and the Ravens may want to manage his snaps. Still, this will be a tougher test than a rookie quarterback with limited skill players. This is Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase.

Chase has not gone under 50 yards in any game against the Ravens in his career. With Humphrey out, the cornerbacks looking questionable, and Marcus Williams not there as the deep safety, it is easy to assume that Chase will have another big game. The same can be said for Tee Higgins, who was shut out in week one but has a strong matchup in week two.