3 Baltimore Ravens who must start playing better before the playoffs

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1. Can the Baltimore Ravens trust Ronnie Stanley when it matters?

You could say that it has been an up-and-down season for Ronnie Stanley, but it feels like there have been so many more downs this year when it comes to Stanley. The ups are that he is actually on the field, which is not the same as in recent years. Still, he looks nothing like his old self, which takes away a lot of the excitement around him.

Stanley missed weeks two through four with an injury. He missed week 11 with a similar issue. Since then, he has not played a full game. The Ravens had him sit a couple of series in each of the last two weeks to preserve him for the playoffs. It worked against the Rams, but he had a rough time against the Jaguars, allowing a sack to Josh Allen.

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A lot of tackles have allowed a sack to him, but he also had seven pressures allowed in the game. He is clearly not going to be able to handle the bigger-name pass rushers when the games get more important. Will the breaks keep Stanley protected and potentially playing his best for the playoffs, or are those days long gone?

That could be the difference between a playoff run and quick exit for the Baltimore Ravens.