Zay Flowers learns the hard way during brutal sequence in AFC Championship Game

The rookie had a tough series of events Sunday afternoon.

Baltimore Ravens, Zay Flowers
Baltimore Ravens, Zay Flowers / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

It was 17-7 late in the third quarter when the Baltimore Ravens forced a Kansas City Chiefs punt.

Baltimore took over looking to close the gap in the 2024 AFC Championship Game. Lamar Jackson and company had been stifled for most of the game, other than their very first drive back in the first quarter.

Now nearly running out of time, Jackson went straight to his rookie first-round playmaker, Zay Flowers. This is the stage where rookies are often seen growing up, and in a hurry, and Flowers had already found the end zone once.

On the very first play of this specific drive, starting at the Baltimore 36-yard line, Jackson hit Flowers for a huge 54-yard gain. It was exactly what the Ravens needed, and they appeared to be in business, en route to making this game close.

At the end of the play, though, Flowers shoved the shoulder of Chiefs defensive back L'Jarius Sneed, towered over him and was called for an obvious taunt. It was a bittersweet moment after such a gigantic play.

Just four plays later, though, Flowers went for redemption and was brought down to earth once again.

Zay Flowers might end up being the talk of Baltimore after the AFC Championship.

Jackson hit Flowers for what looked like it would be an 8-yard touchdown. All the rookie had to do was hang onto the football.

Coming in from Flowers' right side, right on queue, was Snead, to force the fumble. Baltimore's drive ended with a turnover in the end zone, resulting in a touchback, rather than bringing the game to within three points.

Just minutes after the fumble incident, it was reported live, in-game, that Flowers had gone to the sideline and slammed his hand down on the bench in frustration.

That resulted in a laceration of Flowers' hand.

You can't make this stuff up. They say that bad luck happens in series of threes, and Flowers had to learn this the hard way, it seems.

If Flowers continues down this road, it could do some serious damage to his psyche. Hopefully, these talks with coaches and teammates allow Flowers to turn this into a positive, learning experience that he can use going forward.

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