Baltimore Ravens Dream Targets in 2024 NFL Offseason

The Ravens won't need much to be title contenders next year, but a move or two never hurts.

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2. Buccaneers WR Mike Evans

Stop me if you've heard this before, but the Ravens are probably going to be in the market for a wide receiver this offseason. Putting his AFC Championship performance aside, Flowers is still a star in the making and figures to be a major part of the offense for the foreseeable future. Otherwise, the team has plenty of flexibility in that room: both Odell Beckham Jr and Nelson Agholor's deals void in the new league year, and the Ravens will have no issue moving on from them if that's what they want to do. Rashod Bateman is starting to feel more like a trade piece than an organizational cornerstone at this point, but he'll only cost them $4 million next year. So basically, if they're not starting back at square one, it's square two. That brings us to Evans, who's quietly established himself as a first ballot Hall of Famer after a decade spent putting up huge numbers in Tampa Bay. He's exactly the tall, big bodied wide receiver that Baltimore has desperately lacked: all four previously-mentioned receivers are 6'1 or under. Evans is 6'5. And with all due respect to Tampa's plucky late-season playoff run, if Evans wants his best shot at winning a ring before he retires, Baltimore's the place to do it.