Best Players Remaining for Baltimore Ravens after busy Round 1 of 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens still should be looking to add more top talent.
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The Baltimore Ravens wasted no time in landing a premier athlete who went through a bit of a mini slide in the 2024 NFL Draft, as they used a first-round pick on Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins as part of their plan to build an even more elite secondary for years to come.

The Ravens are by no means done adding talent, as they are also in possession of the No. 62 and No. 93 overall picks. With multiple players thought to be first-round locks still on the board, some high-end talent could be pushed down to Baltimore's drafting range.

Assuming that prized prospects like Iowa's Cooper DeJean and Illinois' Johnny Newton manage to fly off the board relatively soon after the second round kicks off, the Ravens can still land one of the steals of the draft at No. 62 overall if a few lucky bounces manage to go their way this year.

5 Best Players Available for Baltimore Ravens after First Round of 2024 NFL Draft

5. Keon Coleman, WR, Florida State

The Ravens still need receivers, even with Rashod Bateman extended for the future. Coleman is a limited player who lacks top-end speed, but few players in this class can claim to be better than him when it comes time to snag contested catches. With South Carolina's Xavier Legette off the board, Coleman might be the best boundary receiver left outside of Adonai Mitchell.

Coleman and his Seminoles teammate Johnny Wilson could be worthwhile targets for a Ravens team that must recognize how the offense is still lacking. Coleman may require a move up, but Baltimore has enough picks to coast into that range if the need arises.

The Baltimore Ravens could pick Cooper Beebe in the 2024 NFL Draft

4. Cooper Beebe, OG, Kansas State

Beebe is not going to win any prizes for his raw athletic ability, but the Kansas State guard should have no trouble asserting himself as an impactful run-blocker who thrives on pure power. The Ravens have shown in the past they are more than willing to roll the dice on players with tons of strength at the point of attack.

Assuming that Oregon interior lineman Jackson Powers-Johnson (a possible guard convert) does not last until the Ravens pick, Beebe should be near the top of Baltimore's board. If Andrew Vorhees and Ben Cleveland don't inspire waves of confidence in the Ravens' offense, they could end up taking Beebe.