Best Players Remaining for Baltimore Ravens after busy Round 1 of 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens still should be looking to add more top talent.
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3. Roman Wilson, WR, Michigan

Wilson might not be the best playmaker after the catch despite his size, but the best receiver on a national champion Michigan team made his mark with tremendous speed down field, a very wide catch radius, and a penchant for making big conversions against the best competition.

Wilson could help make the Ravens' offense even more vertical than before, as Todd Monken wouldn't have to think for too long about how to take advantage of his speed. Baltimore may need to move up ever so slightly if they want to lock down Wilson and prevent other teams from picking him.

The Baltimore Ravens could draft Chris Braswell in the 2024 NFL Draft

2. Chris Braswell, EDGE, Alabama

The Ravens will likely target a pass rusher if they decide to make a pick on the defensive side of the ball once again, and Braswell's pure speed off the edge will make him incredibly difficult for the Ravens to truly get a hold on. Braswell will no longer be overshadowed by teammate and future Vikings starter Dallas Turner.

The Ravens have enough depth to where Braswell won't have to play every single down. He is free to come right in, cause havoc as a pass rusher, and put on enough weight to eventually hold his own as a hand-in-the-dirt defensive lineman. With edge rushers falling just a bit, Braswell could end up at No. 62 overall.