Best Players Remaining Ravens must target on Day 3 of the NFL Draft

The Ravens could still add multiple key players on Day 3.
2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington
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3. TJ Tampa, CB, Iowa State

While there are several tremendous cornerbacks who remain undrafted, including Oregon's Khyree Jackson and Notre Dame's Cam Hart, Tampa slipping all the way to Day 3 was borderline stunning. He may not be the best tackler ever, but neither was Wiggins. Tampa's coverage skills, especially in the zone, are beyond reproach for a prospect.

The Ravens can justify the Tampa selection in addition to drafting Wiggins as the byproduct of hoovering up as many defensive backs as possible in a passing league. With Damarion Williams and Jalyn Armour-Davis both not guaranteed a roster spot, Tampa could push for dime snaps as a rookie due to his athleticism, length, and strength.

The Baltimore Ravens could pick TJ Tampa in the 2024 NFL Draft

2. Austin Booker, EDGE, Kansas

Booker would have been a solid third-round pick, and he is still there as Day 3 comes around. While there are some concerns about his size and ability to defend the run, those same concerns didn't impact Isaac, who was taken with Baltimore's third-round pick. The Ravens could keep adding to an improved pass rush.

Booker's combination of intensity, speed-to-power excellence, and production in big games will all appeal to a Ravens team that is likely well aware of how Tavius Robinson and David Ojabo have proved little and could benefit from extra competition. Booker, UCLA's Gabriel Murphy, and Oregon's Brandon Dorlus are among the best edge rushers available.