Best Ravens Start/Sit picks for Fantasy Football Week 4, including Mark Andrews, Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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START: Quarterback - Lamar Jackson

The advice here is obvious: start Jackson and don't be afraid of the so-called "best defense" in the NFL.

Simply put, the Browns have been great on D but they have also beaten an injured and rusty Joe Burrow (Week 1) and the mediocre Tennesse Titans (Week 3) while putting up those "great" defensive numbers. The only time they faced a reasonably functioning offense (Pittsburgh, Week 2) they went on to lose.

Kenny Pickett of all men cooked the Browns, folks. He passed for 222 yards, a touchdown, and all of that while only completing half of his 30 passing attempts and throwing a pick. That's certainly a bad outing, all things considered, don't get me wrong, but that's also great for what Pickett is and what this "supreme" defense sells itself as.

Lamar Jackson is 2-0 in games against Deshaun Watson (yes, he was a Texan on both) but he is also 6-2 in his starts against Cleveland.

In those eight games, Jackson has completed at least 15 passes or reached 120+ yards seven times, has tossed 11 touchdowns against six interceptions (four came in one fluky game alone), and rushed for 45+ yards six times topping 100+ yards twice.

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This defense might be good, and that's unarguable, but they have not faced any team (or quarterback, for that matter) as strong as Baltimore through the first three weeks of play. We'll see how they fare against the Ravens today.

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