3 biggest changes Baltimore Ravens made to beat Los Angeles Chargers

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Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Chargers, Keaton Mitchell, Austin Johnson
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2. The Baltimore Ravens are increasing the work for Keaton Mitchell

The Ravens had been easing Keaton Mitchell into the mix. It makes sense when you consider he started the year on IR and then tweaked his hamstring the first time he touched the ball in his return. Still, he is slowly seeing his workload increase. 

In week 11, he had a career 22 snaps, a 30% snap share. Against the Chargers, he had 33 snaps, a 46% share. This is easily a career-high for both. 

In week 10, Gus Edwards had 11 carries, Keaton Mitchell had three, and Justice Hill had two. In week 11, Edwards had 12, Mitchell had eight, and Hill had one. Then, on Sunday, it was Mitchell with nine, Edwards with eight, and Hill with five. 

At first, Mitchell was just eating into Hill's time; now, he is forcing the split with both of them. Even better was seeing an impressive catch for 11 when the play broke down. He extended his catch radius to make the play.

Mitchell is getting more work and earning it. He is showing he can be viable on passing downs, and his big-play nature is too good to keep off of the field in neutral situations. Look for his ascension to continue.