10 biggest questions facing Baltimore Ravens in 2023 season

At every position group you can find major questions that will be answered by the end of the season
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Justin Madubuike, Baltimore Ravens
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8. Can Justin Madubuike earn a big-money contract with the Baltimore Ravens?

There was a pretty good chance that the Baltimore Ravens would extend one of their upcoming free-agent linemen, but at the same time, it was hard to see them tying up both of them. That is what came to fruition as the Ravens extended Broderick Washington, who is more cost-effective compared to Justin Madubuike, who probably will be looking for a strong salary.

So, now Madubuike is entering the season with the chance to earn that huge salary, whether with the Ravens or in the free-agent market. The key to Madubuike will be sacks. He had one as a rookie and then jumped to two.

He was up to 5.5 last year, his biggest increase yet. Now, he is 26 years old and in year four, so there is real reason to expect the best from him this season. When you add in the money factor there are reasons to see him motivated. Will the Ravens get the best year of his career and let him walk? What will Madubuike, in his prime, looking to cash in, look like and how much will it help the defense? We will find out soon.