10 biggest questions facing Baltimore Ravens in 2023 season

At every position group you can find major questions that will be answered by the end of the season
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Baltimore Ravens, Charlie Kolar
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2. Will the Baltimore Ravens involve Charlie Kolar on offense?

The Baltimore Ravens have a chance to have one of the most lethal tight end rooms in the NFL. We know about Mark Andrews and what he brings. Isaiah Likely had a strong first season and looked to be a pass-catching option in year two. However, a sleeper could emerge and have a role in the offense as well.

Charlie Kolar is entering year two and missed almost his entire rookie season due to injury. However, he was drafted ahead of Isaiah Likely in the same draft. There is a real chance that Kolar can step into the NFL and find a real role.

Kolar is a big-bodied tight end who can split the seams and make plays over the linebackers and before the safeties. He showed reliable hands in the preseason and ended up as a team leader in receiving. What if Kolar is a gem, and we had no idea because he was hurt last year? How much of a dimension would that add to the offense?