3 biggest surprises from Baltimore Ravens roster cutdowns

The Baltimore Ravens are deep in the secondary, but thin upfront

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Daryl Worley, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Did Daryl Worley earn a spot with the Baltimore Ravens?

One surprise from the Baltimore Ravens keeping all of those cornerbacks is that they did despite not keeping Daryl Worley. Worley did just about everything that you can ask your player to do when he is on the verge of making the roster.

First, he thought his name would be in the cornerback mix, but the Baltimore Ravens asked him to move to safety. He did without an issue, and took it over quickly. Worley startd and played every snap on defense in the preseason opener. He even played special teams, showing how much work he got.

Changing positions and dominating evey snap while playing special teams should have been enough for the Ravens to trust him on the roster. However, numbers got in the way. Worley signed back to the practice squad, but he did wait and assess his options.

Due to the depth at safety, he has to feel as though he will get called up soon enough. At the same time, he has to be annoyed that he did everything that was asked of him and it still was not enough.

Was there anyway that Worley would have made the Ravens roster, or was it true that the injuries and the numbers forced the team to do something they would rather not.