3 biggest surprises from Baltimore Ravens roster cutdowns

The Baltimore Ravens are deep in the secondary, but thin upfront

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Angelo Blackson, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Do the Baltimore Ravens have enough defensive line depth?

The thing about the 53-man roster is that it will not be moving off of that number 53. So, if you have depth in one spot, it likely means youa re taking away from another. The Ravens have a surprising amount of depth in their cornerback room.

At the same time, they also have no depth on the defensive line. Along the interior they have four players. Justin Madubuike and Brodercik Washington are the defensive ends, while Travis Jones and Michael Pierce are the nose tackles. Something tells me they need some depth along the ends.

Jones can slide into that role when needed, but the thought was that the Ravens would keep five, and maybe six defensive lineman. That dream ended when Angelo Blackson not only got cut, he found his way to a new practice squad. So, he is out of the long term plans. However, Brent Urban is still in the long term plans.

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He was cut, but as a vested veteran he did not need to clear waivers. So, he is hanging out and waiting for the Ravens to make a move so that he can come back as the fifth defensive lineman. Who is the correlating move? Do they clear out some cornerback depth to get Brent Urban back? Should the Ravens worked harder to keep Angelo Blackson, and will they need that defensive line depth? We will find out soon enough.

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