3 Biggest turkeys on the Baltimore Ravens roster this Thanksgiving

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While the Baltimore Ravens have plenty to be thankful for over this holiday season, there are also a couple of turkeys on the team who are weighing the roster. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, who are the biggest turkeys on the Ravens right now?

3. The Baltimore Ravens wanted more from Ronnie Stanley 

Before the season, we had wondered if we had already seen the best of Ronnie Stanley. The last time we saw him at the peak of his powers was before the pandemic, so it feels like a lifetime ago since this player has been at the prime. 

Injuries have held him back, and it looks like he is never going to get over this. Stanley got banged up in week one after allowing a sack to Jonathan Greenard. He returned in week five but got beaten all day by Alex Highsmith.

Stanley started to find his footing in the next couple of weeks but struggled against Seattle and Cleveland before missing week 11 with an injury. 

Injuries and up and down play is the new expectation for Stanley. It is hard to rag on a guy too hard when injuries are taking away the majority of his ability, but at the end of the day, the Ravens will have to look in the mirror and question what to do with Stanley moving forward. 

Sitting at 8-3, they will be cautious with how they handle his return and hope to get a playoff run out of him. All they really want now is three or four healthy games starting in late December.  After that, the team may be looking to move on from their former top-ten draft pick. That is disappointing. 

2. The Baltimore Ravens need Patrick Queen to get back on track

Patrick Queen had seen his play improve this past year and a half, but a lot of fans and media analysts knew that this was just because Roquan Smith was making life easier for him. It may lead to Queen getting more money in free agency, but it will not come from Baltimore. 

The writing is on the wall, but the last five games have shown that he is one of the big turkeys on the roster. Queen had three missed tackles in the first six games. In the last five games, he had ten. 

Queen was allowing 23 yards per game in coverage to start the year, but that number has jumped to 52 percent in recent weeks. With the Ravens getting more depth at safety now that Marcus Williams and Daryl Worley are healthy, the team could be looking to play more dime, which would limit the snaps of Queen, who had been an every-down player. This is the season for giving, but right now, the Ravens may be taking snaps away from Patrick Queen. 

1. The Baltimore Ravens are not getting what they signed for from Broderick Washingon

When the Baltimore Ravens extended Broderick Washington, it looked like a classic Ravens move. Washington had slowly been ascending, so the Ravens got in now before the breakout came. However, the opposite has been the case. 

Washington went from 30.2% of the snaps played in 2020 to 31.9% in 202, to 44.2% in 2022, and now he is down to 40.9% in 2023.

On Thursday, he was a very surprising inactive decision. Brent Urban, a journeyman who does provide strong depth, was getting the work over him. This is not what the team expected from him at all. They did not sign him to big money, but he is going to make roughly $5M over the next three seasons. 

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After a disappointing year, you are left to wonder if Washington was given a wake-up call by being designated inactive. Will that change his play in the final month of the season?