3 biggest wishes on the Baltimore Ravens Christmas list this year

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As we get into the spirit of the holiday, there are plenty of things that Baltimore Ravens fans are wishing for this season. While it would be easy to simply wish for the Lombardi trophy and a Super Bowl victory, what are some wishes that Ravens can see that could actually help them get there? What would you wish for as a Ravens fan this year?

3. Can the Baltimore Ravens enter the playoffs with a clean bill of health?

It feels like every year since the Lamar Jackson MVP run, there have been a bunch of what-ifs and what-ifs when it comes to the Baltimore Ravens. Injuries have plagued them recently, and it has cost them multiple playoff runs. As the Ravens sit in first place in the AFC, they have a great defense and quarterback. Most of all, they are fully healthy.

Yes, every team has bumps and bruises, and if they had a duo like Keaton Mitchell and JK Dobbins, things would be much easier. Also, Mark Andrews is out for the playoff run. Still, as they enter the playoffs, they do have some injury questions. 

Marlon Humphrey has not been quite himself, and the Ravens have had to shuffle Ronnie Stanley and Morgan Moses in and out of the lineup to preserve their health. Marcus Williams has been banged up multiple times this year and left week 15 early. 

Then, there is Lamar Jackson. He is fully healthy, but we know how fast that can change, and we know that he carries the weight of the Ravens Super Bowl chances. If the Ravens want to have a chance in the playoffs, all of those players need to not only maintain their current health but also get healthier than they are right now. That would be a Christmas wish.