3 biggest wishes on the Baltimore Ravens Christmas list this year

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2. The Baltimore Ravens wish they could get the Ronnie Stanley of old

Ronnie Stanley has had such a disappointing season. All offseason, he talked about being back to his old ways and staying in the best shape of his career during the summer. However, a quick ankle injury in week one seems to have derailed everything. He missed weeks two through five, and when he came back, it took him a few weeks to get things going in the right direction. 

Then, Stanley got banged up against and missed week 11. Since returning, he has not looked anything like his old self, and he looks worse than he did back around week eight. The Ravens have tried to preserve him for the playoffs by limiting his snap counts. They had him sit a series against the Rams after the bye week, and he rotated out even more against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That did not stop Josh Allen from a few drive-altering pressures against Stanley, as he looked slow trying to deal with the elite athlete. The Ravens have a huge weakness at left tackle, one of the most important spots in all of pro football. That is not what you want to hear heading into the playoffs. If they could get anything fixed after Christmas, it would be Ronnie Stanley.