3 biggest wishes on the Baltimore Ravens Christmas list this year

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1. The Baltimore Ravens need to get a Justin Madubuike contract done

The Baltimore Ravens' stance on Justin Madubuike has swung in a big way recently. First, the thought was that Madubuike would earn a big pay day, and they would accept the compensatory pick. However, his value has skyrocketed to the point where the Ravens would be cheap to just let him walk for compensatory value. They are going to have a franchise tag Madubuike and potentially trade him from there. The return will end up more than a third-round pick, which could be great. 

A great gift would be getting a first-round pick back for Madubuike. Even better than that would be finding a way to work out a long-term deal. Due to the Ravens' cap demands, they would almost have to trade him if he stayed on the tag. However, a longer-term deal would mean that the Ravens can massage his cap hit for future years and make it more manageable. 

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It would get messy if they had to tag him and could not find the right trade partner. Here is hoping that the Ravens are able to tag and trade him or tag and extend Justin Madubuike at the right price. A situation that is going so well could get messy in a month or so.