10 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens in 2023

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Baltimore Ravens, Rashod Bateman
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1. Rashod Bateman clears 1,000 yards with the Baltimore Ravens

Rashod Bateman has 800 yards in two years, so 1,000 yards would be quite the stretch. Still, it is certainly possible, considering he was a former first-round pick. He also just so happens to be in his third year, and it is a crucial year because the Ravens can decide on his fifth-year option after this.

The Ravens will probably decline it unless Bateman blows them away. That urgency could be what caused1,000-yard the 1,000 yard breakout. Zay Flowers and Odell Beckham are the big names right now. They are the new and fresh faces.

Still, it was Lamar Jackson who said that Bateman is still the Ravens number one and top dog. So, the defense may leave Bateman and shift attention to the first round rookie or former elite wide receiver, but Bateman is up and coming, has the talent both do, and has the trust of Jackson. This could lead to him taking advantage. If he stays healthy for a full season, 1,000 is in the cards.