10 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens in 2023

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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
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8. Lamar Jackson wins the MVP

This one is essentially a combination of the first two bold predictions. You could say that if both of them came true, this will be an easy call to come true. Even if neither came true, or one did, and the other was close, this prediction is on the table.

Lamar Jackson will always be in contention for the MVP with the Baltimore Ravens. He is the quarterback of a team that will win, and when they win, he usually has some stats to back it up. As we noted, there are things in place for Jackson to have his best passing season yet.

Even if his rushing success is not quite on the level of his 2019 season if the passing takes a big turn up, he could be right in the conversation. More than that, if the defense is good, and the offense is better than ever, the record will be the same as 2019, which means the MVP calls will be loud.

Even if the defense struggles it may force Jackson to play even more aggressive and produce even more. If the Ravens are winning games with a strugglign defense, there may be a better case for MVP. There will always be other competitors, but Patrick Mahomes did win last year, and the voters do not tend to go back-to-back. Unless Mahomes does something historic, it is wide open this year, and we could see Jackson step into that spot.