10 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens in 2023

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Rock Ya-Sin, Baltimore Ravens
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7. Rock Ya-Sin is better this year than Marcus Peters on the Baltimore Ravens last year

This one will surprise some Baltimore Ravens fans, but at the same time, it is not as crazy as you think. When we look back at their careers, we will not say that Rock Ya-Sin was on the level of Marcus Peters.

However, when you are comparing Peters from 2022 and potentially 2023 to the Rock Ya-Sin of 2023, the chances that Ya-Sin is better get higher. It is easy to remember the name of Peters, but you have to remember that he tore his ACL in 2021. Peters came back in 2022 but was not nearly the same player.,

Now, he is going to be 30 years old, which is typically when NFL players hit a certain age where their best play does not come back. So, if Peters was already struggling to get back to his old self and is at that age, the odds of him being acceptable in 2023 are a bit lower than some think.

So, this does set the bar a little lower for Ya-Sin. Still, when Ya-SIn is healthy, he has had success. He is younger, physically, and talented. Plus, the Ravens' scheme may help him out.