3 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens in Week 1 against Houston Texans

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As the Baltimore Ravens get ready for the Houston Texans, it is an exciting time because there are so many ways that these games can go. The Ravens are expected to win, but we always learn so much in week one and then change our perception of these teams quickly.

So, lets have some fun and get bold for the Baltimore Ravens week one game against the Houston Texans.

3. Baltimore Ravens will sack C.J. Stroud five times in his NFL debut

Only 11 quarterbacks have been sacked at least five times in their rookie debut in NFL history. The worst for a rookie quarterback in week one was Archie Manning and DeShone Kizer, who were sacked seven times. Randy Hedberg, Bert Jones, Bill Munson, Greg Landry, Randy Johnson, David Carr, Geno Smith, Zach Wilson, and Rodger Staubach join them on the list.

Needless to say, it would be a surprise if C.J. Stroud joined this list, but it certainly is on the table. We know that it takes Ohio State quarterbacks a second to adjust to joining a team where you do not have the best offensive line and skill players. For Stroud, it will be amplified because the team is on their backup center, and a rookie as well in Jarrett Patterson.

Going into Baltimore with a rookie center and a backup left guard will not be easy, and it does not help that the Ravens have some serious beef up front with Broderick Washington, Justin Madubuike, Travis Jones, and Michael Pierce.

Worse than that, Mike MacDonald is entering year two as the Ravens defensive coordinator and has a certain familiarity with C.J. Stroud. He beat Stroud in 2021 when he was the Michigan defensive coordinator. So, while most rookies come into the NFL with an unknown, MacDonald has a full report built up.

MacDonald now has the schematic advantage, and he has the personnel advantage. We could see him mix up blitzes in unique ways to get to Stroud. This could be one of the memorable games where Stroud gets close to the record for sacks in a debut.