3 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks in 2023

Bold predictions for Lamar Jackson, and one bold prediction for Tyler Huntley
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As we get ready for the start of the Baltimore Ravens season it is a good time to look at what may be coming. Let's have some fun before the start of the season and get bold. These will be bolder, but we will try to keep them realistic and explain our reasoning as well.

3. Lamar Jackson will stay healthy all season

After the last two seasons, most fans cannot even imagine a year when Lamar Jackson was fully healthy. However, it could easily happen this year. First, the two injuries to Jackson were not the same and did not occur for a specific reason. He was not running downfield but avoiding pressure in the pocket. So, his playing style is not more susceptible to injuries.

More than that, Jackson may get a full season of health from Ronnie Stanley. The last time Stanley played every game for the Ravens, Jackson was fully healthy and won the MVP. Is it a shock that when the left tackle went down that Jackson started to get hurt more?

Still, more than Tyler Linderbaum is in his second year, so the two most valuable positions on the line have two ascending and healthy players. Jackson also has the best corps of skill players around him, and it may takeaway from the burning desire to do everything himself.

Lastly, the Ravens are going to ask him to pass the ball more, and that may mean running and scrambling less. They want him to get the ball out of his hands and distribute it to the plethora of skill players. This keeps other quarterbacks healthy; why not Jackson? Do not be surprised if Jackson is back to his old days of maintaining health.