3 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens running backs in 2023

Is Gus Edwards in for a big season? Can J.K. Dobbins get healthy for the Baltimore Ravens?
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As we get ready for the start of the Baltimore Ravens 2023 season, we are making some bold calls on what may happen this year. After looking into the quarterbacks, we will now shift to the running back room. What are the movements and shakings, and what are our bold predictions before the team starts playing preseason games?

3. Gus Edwards leads the Baltimore Ravens running backs in week one

At this point, it may not be that bold, but not many people are for sure who would be the Ravens' leading rusher when week one rolls around. Gus Edwards certainly has a case to be made, but the Ravens could also lean on J.K. Dobbins or even Melvin Gordon.

That is why it is a bold prediction to run with Edwards. First, Dobbins is on the PUP and not practicing. There are still about five weeks until the team plays in the regular season. So, Dobbins could come back in two weeks, use two weeks to get up to speed, and still start. However, from where we stand, it appears that he will be keeping the bubble wrap up on until closer to the start of the season.

If that is the case, then the team will probably want to ease him back during the first couple of weeks. If Dobbins is fresh for the stretch of November and December games, then most fans will be happy. So, it makes sense to lean on Edwards. Melvin Gordon has plenty of experience, but at his age, he is more of an emergency back than real competition. Things may change by the end of the year, but early on it will be the Gus Edwards show.