3 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens running backs in 2023

Is Gus Edwards in for a big season? Can J.K. Dobbins get healthy for the Baltimore Ravens?
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2. J.K. Dobbins is back at full health for the start of the season

There are plenty of questions about J.K. Dobbins being on the PUP at this time. He finished the 2022 season healthy and appeared to be playing his best. What changed? While Dobbins claims that this is injury-related, there is enough skepticism to believe that this has to do with his contract.

Dobbins needs to work out a deal for his future after this season. An injury in training camp would crush his future earnings. Is he taking it easy and making sure he is fully healthy for the start of the season when the money is on the line? The smart money seems to think so. Heck, Melvin Gordon seems to think so as well.

So, Dobbins will be back soon enough. As we stated with Gus Edwards, if Dobbins waits a little too long to return, the Ravens may lean on Edwards for a week or two and ease Dobbins back. Still, if he is active in week one, there is a great shot that he will be the leading rusher on the Ravens by week three.

Dobbins may know that this is a risk and that the Ravens may limit his work for a game or two. However, if he stays healthy for a full season, and he carries the load in November, all with be forgotten. That is our projection of the situation.