3 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens running backs in 2023

Is Gus Edwards in for a big season? Can J.K. Dobbins get healthy for the Baltimore Ravens?
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Melvin Gordon, Baltimore Ravens
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1. The Baltimore Ravens release Melvin Gordon to keep Keaton Mitchell

If J.K. Dobbins does return in time for the start of the season, the Baltimore Ravens will have a tough debate between Melvin Gordon and Keaton Mitchell. The Ravens signed Gordon to replace Dobbins because they were unsure of his status. This also shows that if the Ravens needed someone to get work in week one, they would not want the rookie UDFA Mitchell out there.

So, Gordon is higher than Mithcell on the depth chart. However, that is debating a starter, and not the backup. The backup needs to be reliable, but can Keaton Mitchell bring an area to the game that Gordon does not? Can Mitchell show enough burst, and break off enough big runs that the team feels like his presence is more valuable than Gordon? Or, is Mitchell so good this summer that the Ravens feel that they would see another team claim him if they let him go?

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Gordon was on the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad for most of last season, showing that teams are not lining up to grab him from the Ravens. Mitchell would see more attention on the waiver wire. So, the Ravens could keep both by cutting Gordon. If Mitchell struggles in the preseason, it is a no-brainer to cut him, and the question around Mitchell is why Gordon is here in the first place.

Still, Mitchell only needs to prove so much before the team leans to him over Gordon.