5 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens in the second half of 2023 season

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Baltimore Ravens, Ben Cleveland
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1. The Baltimore Ravens will bench John Simpson for Ben Cleveland 

If there is one weak spot on the Baltimore Ravens offensive line, it has to be John Simpson. We knew that coming into the year, and it remains the same now. He has played some of his best football recently, but some of that is matchup-related. He has been up and down overall and has caused too many penalties. 

He gets a huge test this weekend with the Cleveland Browns, and there may be some tests down the road that cause the Ravens to think about making a change. Before the offseason programs started, most people assumed that Ben Cleveland would start at left guard. However, the coaches have not been impressed. 

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One good note is that Cleveland has gotten some work in these blowout games. He has not played left guard, but he is winning the coaches' back over. We may see a point where the Ravens realize that Simpson is their one weak spot. They may have time before the playoffs to give Cleveland a look and see if he can push this unit over the edge. The timing would be right, and the play of Simpson may continue to warrant these thoughts.