Bold predictions for the Baltimore Ravens, AFC North in 2023

Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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Bold Prediction Number 3: Nick Chubb leads NFL in rushing

With Jacoby Brissett under center last season, Nick Chubb was the best running back in football. He was by far the most efficient, overall, and incredibly effective. Before Deshaun Watson took over on December 4, Chubb had totaled six games over 100 yards on the ground. He had just one game where he averaged under 4.0 yards per carry.

In contrast, after Watson took over, Chubb topped the 100-yard mark just once in six games. He also finished under 4.0 yards per carry twice in those six games. Here's the scariest part of the Brissett/Watson change: Chubb scored 12 rushing touchdowns with Brissett under center. With Watson starting, Chubb never got into the end zone on the ground.

So, to say that Chubb is going to lead the NFL in rushing while Watson should be under center the entire season is a pretty bold statement. But, the Browns have to go back and look at what was working with Brissett. Cleveland cannot be dependent upon Watson's talent alone, especially after being out of the game so long and clearly being mentally affected by his legal situation.

Chubb is still one of the most talented backs in football, especially between the tackles. His strength and vision make him hard to stop. The Browns just need to adjust accordingly, and they will, and Chubb will lead the league in rushing in 2023.