5 bounceback candidates for Baltimore Ravens

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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The Baltimore Ravens are heading into a big 2023. While 2022 ended in the playoffs, it was a limp to the end, and fans had to think that they had a time limit on their run due to all of the injuries. So, if the Ravens want to make a run to the Super Bowl, they need to get some bounceback seasons out of a few players.

5. Odafe Oweh has everything in place to bouceback for the Baltimore Ravens

When Odafe Oweh came out and had five sacks as a rookie, many thought that it was on, and it was only a matter of time until he continued to build on that. Unfortunately, that was not the case for the Ravens, as they saw Oweh go from five sacks in his rookie season to just three sacks last year.

The drop was not expected, but a big increase could be coming. First, it was not expected because Oweh did not drop off much. His win rate actually went up last year, he just so happened to not get home as much.

The thought is that if Oweh can keep up his winning rate, the sacks will come back around. Due to regression, they may come around even faster in 2023 than ever, especially if his win rate goes up again.

His win rate may go up again when you consider David Ojabo is joining the lineup. Ojabo sat out most of his rookie season with an injury, but he was a first-round talent on paper, and now he is fully healthy.

So, Oweh is due for more sacks and should have had more in 2022. Plus, he may improve as a player, and he will have less attention on him. Who else is all-in on an Oweh bounceback?