5 bounceback candidates for Baltimore Ravens

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2. Patrick Queen has a lot on the line for the Baltimore Ravens

The first three seasons Patrick Queen had with the Baltimore Ravens have not lived up to par, so the team declined his fifth-year option. However, the signs of the bounceback were all there last year, and there is a real chance to believe that 2023 will be his best season yet.

It was pretty noticeable that Queen instantly got better the second the Ravens traded for Roquan Smith. It had a lot to do with the weight being lifted off the shoulders of Queen. He was no longer asked to man the middle, and he was never asked to call the defense because it was too much on his plate.

With Smith, he thought of Queen. Queen was just reading and reacting and making plays based on the guidance of Smith. The thought is that this should only continue. Queen is still young and getting better, and the addition of Smith multiplies his progression.

The Ravens probably realize his value is contingent on Smith, which is why they are paying Smith, not Queen. Still, the Ravens may also get a solid season out of Queen, leading to another team paying up for him. That is a great win for the team and a big bounceback for Queen.