5 bounceback candidates for Baltimore Ravens

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1. Lamar Jackson may set career highs for the Baltimore Ravens

This may not be the MVP season that Jackson once had, but there is a real case to be made that this will be the best passing season that Jackson had. If the passing numbers are that much greater than the rushing numbers, we may see him back in that conversation.

The reasons to bet on Jackson are plentiful. He has the best wide receiver corps in his career, and it really is not very close. More than that, the addition of Todd Monken is huge to the passing volume, and playing style that the offense is providing.

Lastly, if Ronnie Stanley is healthy, and does bounce back, then his offensive line will be the best he has had since his MVP season.

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So, if the coordinator is the best he has had, the line is the best, and the skill players are the best, could we see the best from Lamar Jackson? Easily.