Breaking down Lamar Jackson's career playoff record

It's been a tough road for Jackson in the playoffs.

Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens
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*Editor's Note: This article was originally written before the Ravens beat the Texans in the AFC Divisional Round. Lamar Jackson is now 2-3 in the playoffs.

The Baltimore Ravens earned the number one seed in the AFC and will host the Houston Texans this Saturday. Ravens fans might be a bit on edge heading into this one because the last time the Ravens got the number one seed and rested their starters, it didn't go so well in the divisional round for Lamar Jackson and company.

The playoffs as a whole haven't been kind to Jackson since he became a starter about halfway through his rookie year in 2018. He's started four playoff games since entering the league and has just one win against three losses.

We all know the narrative with Jackson and the playoffs at this point and until he proves he can consistently win in the postseason, it'll continue to be a storyline.

Lamar Jackson career playoff history

As noted above, Jackson is 1-3 in the playoffs. His first playoff start came in 2019 (2018 season) when the rookie struggled mightily against the Chargers' defense and the Ravens went on to lose 23-17. The Bolts dared Jackson to throw the ball more in that game and that's what tripped the rookie up. He did throw for two touchdown passes in that game but he was also sacked seven times and had two turnovers.

Jackson's next playoff start came a year later when he and his Ravens earned the top seed in the AFC playoffs and hosted the Titans in the divisional round. The Titans had gone into New England the week before and effectively ended the Tom Brady era but no one also expected them to waltz into Baltimore and end a red-hot Ravens' season. That's exactly what happened though, as Tennessee put it to the Ravens, winning 28-12. Jackson really struggled in that loss, throwing two interceptions, losing a fumble, and getting sacked four times.

The first playoff win of Jackson's career came against the Titans a year later when the Ravens headed to Nashville to get revenge on Tennessee. Jackson didn't necessarily play well in the win but getting revenge on the Titans, who have become an out-of-division rival to the Ravens, was awesome.

The next week, Jackson and the Ravens struggled against Buffalo, and lost in blowout fashion (17-3). This is the last time we saw Jackson play in a postseason game, as he was injured and couldn't play in the Ravens' Wild Card match-up in Cincinnati last year.

People can talk about Lamar Jackson's poor playoff record all they want but it's been three years since we last saw him suit up for a playoff game and he's an MVP candidate this season. Let's see if he can shift the narrative against the Texans this weekend.

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