5 breakout player candidates for Baltimore Ravens in 2023

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Odafe Oweh, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Baltimore Ravens expect big things from Odafe Oweh

This will be a bit of a make-or-break year for Odafe Oweh, mainly because the Baltimore Ravens will have to decide on his fifth-year option at the end of the season. After the first season, that appeared to be a no-brainer, and Oweh seemed to have already broken out; however, after the second season, things started to tick back down, and the excitement for what he could be calmed.

He went from an impressive five sacks as a rookie to just three in year two. If the reverse order happened, fans may be excited about what he can do, but because he took a step back, there are questions.

However, when we looked into the advanced stats of Oweh, we saw that he was actually beating tackles more often. Despite improving his win rate, his production went down. This can be a variety of reasons, but overall it is good news.

It shows us that there is a chance that he could be due a couple of sacks that he did not get last season. It also shows that he did progress this past season, even if the stats do not show it. If he can continue to improve his win rate, and the sacks that he missed in 2022 come back around, he could break out in a huge way in 2023.

If Oweh put up eight sacs in 2023, the number of his first two seaosns combined, it would not be shocking. Ten sacks would put him on the radar nationally, and teams would look at him again as a player who is one step away from being one of the best in the NFL at his position.

After a solid year one, we thought that there would not be any more talks about Oweh breaking out, but now some will have questions. If Oweh can answer those questions with a bounce-back season, and a breakout season all in the same year.