10 burning questions that must be answered in the Baltimore Ravens preseason finale

The starters are not the big story in the Baltimore Ravens preseason finale. What are the big questions amogst the depth chart at each position?

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Malik Hamm, Baltimore Ravens

4. How will the Baltimore Ravens edge rusher depth sort out?

David Ojabo has started the past two weeks, but the main thing to watch this week is what happens at the bottom of the edge rusher rotation. With Tyus Bowser on the PUP, you will see one and possibly two of Tavius Robinson, Malik Hamm, and Jeremiah Moon make the Baltimore Ravens' 53-man roster.

So far, both Robinson and Moon have started across from Ojabo. Does Hamm get that honor this week, and if he does not, does it signify how far behind he is? Of the three, Hamm has looked the best in the preseason. However, he has been the last to get the work.

Moon started most recently, and he fits the role that Tyus Bowser plays, so his case for the roster is growing. Then, there is Hamm, who is looking for that extra chance but is the rookie UDFA with the least invested in him. He is also the most likely to get to the practice squad.

So, how do the rotate these three, and who looks the best? This will be worth watching for sure.