10 burning questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Los Angeles Chargers

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9. Did the return of Marcus Williams lead to issues for Geno Stone?

It is hard not to notice Geno Stone playing a bit worse recently than he did at the start of the season. Going from six interceptions in an eight-week span to none in the last three weeks is noticeable. However, it is more than that. Big plays have leaked, especially in the run game due to issues with angles and tackles from Stone. 

On the one hand, this is surprising after the year he has had. On the other, it is not a shock because Stone was playing above his head. However, the turn in his play happens to coincide with the return of Marcus Williams. When you think about it Stone was playing the center field, free safety role when he had all of those interceptions. Now, that is the role Williams plays. Stone is in the box more and is away from what he does best.

Do the Ravens keep playing Stone in uncomfortable, or do they shift Kyle Hamilton back to safety and Arthur Maulet into the slot? What does this mean for the future of Stone and his potential contract in free agency?