10 burning questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Los Angeles Chargers

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3. What is going on with Justin Tucker?

This has not been a career year for Justin Tucker. With another missed kick, he is now at 80.8% for the season. His career low before this year was 82.5%, and his average per year is 89.9%. 

A lot of this comes from 50+ yard kicks, which can be excused. Still, he is 68% for his career and is just 1-5, a lousy 20% this year. Still, the reason we are writing this is an ugly missed kick from just 44 yards. It happens, but it has Tucker at 88% for the year from 40-49 yards, which is now under his 89.6% career rate in this area. 

Tucker is now worse from 50+ and 40+ than he ever has been and is on pace for the worst year of his career. This cannot be what haunts the 9-3 after a career of stability. Can it?