Calm down, Flock! Former Raven is not retiring, remains a free agent

DeSean Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
DeSean Jackson, Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Retirement Saga has come to an end. Whether that's good or bad, you be the judge, but after teasing his retirement a few days ago and then backtracking following the virality of his original post, DeSean Jackson officially confirmed he's not calling it quits for now.

A few days ago, former Ravens wide receiver and legitimate NFL living legend D-Jax published a post on his personal Instagram account that sounded all of the alarms regarding his potential retirement from professional football.

Jackson wrote "Did it my way 15 years strong!! Neva anotha like it!" followed by a hashtag saying "#0ne0fone," the username he uses on IG.

This being the 2023 year of our Lord, and as one would expect, the post reached all corners of the internet in a hurry and more than one and two veteran players and fellow NFL superstars started to congratulate and give Jackson flowers on his career and accomplishments following his "announcement."

Turns out the veteran receiver is not ready to retire yet, and the "announcement" was just that, a "quote-on-quote" announcement without anything real to it and with people, instead, reading too much into it.

The three-time Pro Bowler took on IG for a second time shortly after posting the original message, telling folks to calm down by stating "Y'all will know when the Boi retire!!"

Not happy enough with that, and just in case the message wasn't (once more) clear enough, Jackson logged into his Instagram account again on Tuesday to post yet another clarifying (this time for good, we think) message.

"They reaching my last post wasn’t a retirement post! I just had to get some stuff off my chest! Y’all will know when the Boi retire!" Jackson said on Instagram.

This new development sadly brings this interesting yet not really impactful storyline to an end. Looking at it from a bright and positive perspective, Jackson is still a free agent available for NFL teams to sign in the free market!

D-Jax is not at the peak of his talents anymore, of course, but he's coming off a (partial) season spent in Baltimore in which he posted 153 receiving yards on nine catches, making it an 11,263-yard, 641-reception, 58-touchdown career through 15 years in the league.

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